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Paperback "Gracie's Grace" Book

PRE-ORDER Paperback Book
"Gracie's Grace: A 'Tail' Teaching Compassion"

24 Pages

Paperback Book


Gracie's Grace is a touching "tail" that teaches compassion and empathy towards yourself, pets and people.  A shelter puppy named Gracie has a difficult time believing she will find her perfect fur-ever home after seeing other dogs getting adopted before her.

Gracie's insecurities about her looks and her differences foster 

a sense of deep doubt and sadness inside of her. 

Luckily for Gracie, she meets Max, who is a bit older and wiser. Learn what valuable lesson Max teaches Gracie in this very touching tale. Inspired by the Author's real life puppy, Gracie, this story is sure to inspire children of all ages to accept who they are, and value & CELEBRATE everyone's differences! 

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Paperback "Gracie's Grace" Book

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